June 3, 2019 / Food

One lemon and a handful of rice

In response to our dear friend Amber, we want to share with all of you one of her favourite recipe, the risotto, our Lemon risotto.

Our version relies on few ingredients: Carnaroli rice, a not-treated lemon and a good vegetable broth.

Once that the broth is ready; fry in a pan a little olive oil and a white onion, toast the rice and douse it with a drop of Falanghina wine. Keep cooking the rice gradually adding the broth.

Just few minutes before the rice reaches the right cooking temperature, add the lemon peel and then the lemon juice. 

When the rice is cooked, mix in the butter and the Parmesan. 

Serve it with lemon zests and here we go.

Here it is. Our secret is the simplicity.

For 4 Pax:

320 gr. Carnaroli rice

1,5 L Vegetable Broth 

50 ml White Wine/ Falanghina

1 Medium White Onion

1 Medium Lemon for zests and juice

Butter and Parmesan to cream


Valentina Gargiulo