May 12, 2018 / Food, Local Products

Gold Drops

Sorrento Peninsula is one of the few regions in Italy where in a relatively small area the beauty of nature combines with the production of Lemons, Oil and Cheeses well known to a national level.

Let’s talk about the production of olive Oil.

According to Antonio Gargiulo, who, like his father and his grandfather before him, carries on, with Passion and Dedication, the tradition of a special extra virgin olive oil that “looks like gold”, as he says.

Olives are hand-picked and cold-pressed in his family's farm.

Clear at the aight, yellow with green notes in the first months and yellow - golden afterwards.

Intense and vegetal sense of smell with a scent of green olive, fresh grass and flowers.

Delicate at the taste and consistent with others sensations.

At the tasting a perfect balance among sweet, bitter and spicy.

Used in cookery on tasty pasta dishes, spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli pepper, on pizza and roasted food in general. Instead, raw, intensifies the taste of steamed vegetables and legumes, and accompanies fish, bruschetta and peasant salads.

We advise you to try it emulsified with garlic, hot pepper and mint on roasted mushrooms.

The small Oliva a uoglio ("olive oil" translated from the Neapolitan dialect), represents about 80% of the entire olive oil patrimony and it is the favorite of olive growers for its productivity, quality and yield in oil (20-22% ), also appreciated for its high resistance to drought and cold winter.

Our oil, has a distinctive taste and an aroma that characterize it and gives it a high value on the market. 

The European Community recognizes this product as D.O.P. thanks to its unique qualities.

Seeing is believing!

MelRose thanks the Gargiulo Family.