June 15, 2018 / Travel Tips, Events

Pilates? Always a good idea!

Talking about Pilates, you must believe me, makes me cry every single time!

Pushed by a need to change my life, after stopped with the Dance, I started doing Pilates.

It was love at the first sight, and I have to thank God about this encounter that messed up (in the best way possible ) my life.

Now, after ten years, I feel great, I have a better sense and awareness of my body and my movements, I can feel the exercise as a result of an execution started in my mind.

Pilates was born in the post-war period, but it’s more contemporary than ever.

"Learn to breathe”, it’s the first message you got, which means also learning to listen!

This is not an anatomical fact, but a question of getting in touch with our DEEP PART, having the time, or better the “gift”, of giving ourselves time, in spite of the frenetic rhythms we are subjected.

Breathing is the source of CONTROL which means being in the exercise starting from his first position.

The body, as Pilates wants to make us feel it , must be conceived in its entirety, with all its muscles uniformly developed, a body that aims to reach the harmony of its structure and the flexibility of his musculature: it’s not important to build swollen muscles, rather flexible!

I started doing pilates in the desire to put some order in my head and in my body that I thought I knew, but that was mysterious to me: I learned  how to devote myself a bit of healthy attention, to give myself rules in a path of knowledge and continuous reproduction of messages, and every time I do it there is some piece of myself that can give me a hand!

Now as the beautiful season has begun, in my suitcase, a pair of socks and a towel will not be missing ... because every occasion is good to do a bit of pilates …

In this way borns the idea to organise at MelRose Relais a sunset pilates lesson: in a place where beauty triumphs, where the nature with its astounding colours and smells invites you, not to say, order you to take a break which is not stagnation but healthy movement necessary to create new balances… Just like our life wants us: equilibrists ready to spin new saucers!!!

See you at MelRose.

Daniela Sannino