May 12, 2018 / Travel Tips

The peninsula seen through the eyes of a child

Eva Munro, aged 6, of British beauty and dreamy eyes, has left her guinea pig home by her grandparents, with Mussy in her suitcase is ready to live and describe her first visit to the Peninsula.

"I think it's more beautiful than anything else, it smells good" these are her first words in the diary, thinking about MelRose Relais. Her stay is dynamic, well organized, full of meetings, numbers and places to see.

From Piazza Tasso to Marina Grande 108 steps to enjoy a mint and lemon ice cream, playing with cats and having some shopping in the meantime. In Capri and "Anna Capri", this time sitting comfortably in a nice traditional Gozzo boat, where she met a friend from Edinburgh and where Eva started her collection of bracelets.

But the duty calls and Eva, in a mission for the school, after a proper pit stop at Pompeii ruins, reaches the Vesuvius and walking upwind reaches the summit of the crater. She had to take a lot of photographs or nobody would’ve believe her!

The best remedy for a tiring day is a dinner at the restaurant “La Torre - One Fire", with "yellow glass" ... even better!

The Amalfi coast as the last stop, in the car with Antonio, other friends of Malta known at MelRose Relais with Perfect by Ed Sheeran in the background, up to Ravello, passing through Amalfi and Positano admiring their incomparable beauties.

What this trip left to her? Lots of geckos, lots of bracelets and lots of ice cream!

What left to us? So many smiles, lots of hugs and a very sweet memory!

Thanks Eva xoxo