June 8, 2018 / Fashion, Trends


Inspired by 20’s and to Coco Chanel’s loungewear, one of ironic and amusing trend is: the “Pajama”.

It is usually made with soft and bright fabrics, the proposal range from the most classic silk, in stripes with the tunic and long trousers, to revisited interpretation with soft shorts and floral, colorful and mixed patterns. 

The most famous fashion Designers, as Gucci, Stella McCartney and Equipment, introduced this new trend on the New York Fashion Week’s runway as the “fashion pajamas”.

It could be a nice idea wearing it for a special lunch, with high-heel sandals and a handbag. 

It can also turn in to a special outfit for the night  adding an over coat with the androgynous taste.

You can choose to wear it even in a “light” version, wearing for example only the tunic with a skirt in jeans or in leather, playing with the contrast of the fabrics. 

A new trend like this make it possible to play and combine your own style, making it personal and amusing;  the perfect mood to “cure” after a long period of pullover and heavy fabrics. 

Give space to the imagination and make your the new way to wear the pajama! 

Marzia Notarianni