August 26, 2019 / Travel Tips, Local Products

The people of MelRose

Picking up a hotel where spending holidays is really difficult to me. Nowadays there are a lot of offers and it gets hard to find places with the perfect balance between quality and price, where quality means both the physical part (accommodations and services)  and the relationships with the Staff and the other guests. So I asked to my wife to pickup a hotel. She liked at once the MelRose Relais’ pictures, an interesting facility in Massa Lubrense.

We spent six unforgettable days there and I assure you that the pictures that you can find on the internet do not do it justice! A beautiful girl greeted us, beautiful not only in look, but also in soul. I am old enough to understand when a smile is a spontaneous one or a fake one. And that smile belonged to someone who loves the world, the people, , someone who loves life just the way it is, for better or worse. Just the time to freshen ourselves up and we were ready to taste the specialties made for the “Ferragosto” dinner. Delicious dishes (Gnocchi with Clams above all!!) , served with a lot of love by the Staff. At that moment I realised that the Staff was made up only by women, all experienced, polite and cheerful women, as the girl which has welcomed us. During the following days, I’ve allowed myself to have a rest in this enchanting location, laying on a sun-bed to placidly take a sunbath by the pool, or reading a book, or swinging on a hammock, with a background music played from a relaxing playlist edited by the Staff or with the sound of cicadas in background. Olive trees of the area, which surround the facility, raising a wall between you and the world, and the elegance of the entire location offer such a sense of relax and exclusiveness that tempts you to not leave the hotel until the end of your  holidays. If I was thirsty, then, there was always a pitcher with fresh water, ginger and lemon zests on the counter. At MelRose it is also possible to have lunch or dinner, so we had the chance to appreciate the skills of the ladies in cooking delicious and hearty meals but also the excellent quality of the typical products of the area, with their unique tastes. Everything I needed, then, especially regarding the room, always clean and with many comforts, the cleaning lady with her “Mr. Francesco” was always there for me.

Cuddled, spoiled, always full of attention: all this has been a beautiful surprise to me, even if it is usual to the inhabitants of the Sorrento Coast to make you feel like a part of a big family.  Probably it is the air, probably it is the beauty of these places, but in the end  availability, quietness and cheerfulness are the constants that you can easily find in those places, and the MelRose Relais is a proof of that! When you leave the facility, two feelings suddenly show up: the melancholy for leaving this little paradise and coming back to the hell of the everyday routine and the joy for having met beautiful people which have reconnected you with the rest of the mankind. Therefore “coming back” becomes an imperative; in order to make pace with the world, to find yourself again, to meet people which can make you feel again the real taste of life. They are special people: they are the people of MelRose Relais.

Francesco Totaro