May 31, 2019 / Travel Tips, Events

To San Gregorio Armeno...

TOURIST- I’ve never been in Naples, what would be better to visit? I’ve got just two days, too little time! 

NEAPOLITAN - Well, very few days…!  Actually, whoever arrives in Naples should visit San Gregorio Armeno, otherwise he can’t say to have been here. I really advise you to go there. 

TOURIST- San Gregorio Armeno? The street of cribs?

NEAPOLITAN - Right! That narrow street in the historical center of Naples, with almost insignificant road size; there, where it’s possible to smell wood, glue and where the magic of Christmas takes shape.

TOURIST- Ah, so is it recommended to be visited only during Christmas time?

NEAPOLITAN - No, the art of Cribs, although it’s very old, dating back to the 18th century, is a fundamental part of the city of Naples and that big crib that could be find only in churches during Christmas time, today, it can be find in every Neapolitan house. There are cribs of different types and shapes, but there is also who wants to create the most beautiful crib of all.

TOURIST- I’d love to see it! I think I’m going, absolutely! But, what is a crib, actually?

NEAPOLITAN - It’s a representation of the birth of Jesus Christ. But look, from 17th century, in the crib it hasn’t been represented only the nativity’s cave, but also the outside world; everything that can be find in the daily life, also the profane! So, in a crib you can find a butcher’s shops, chicken’s shops, baker’s shops, greengrocer’s shops. 

TOURIST- Wow. I have never heard speaking about such a strange but also particular thing at the same time. A street all full of Neapolitan cribs. Unbelievable!

NEAPOLITAN - In Naples everything is particular! If you’ll like it, I advice you to go also to the Certosa of San Martino! It’s a museum, it is in the high part of the city of Naples, in which you can find the “Cuciniello crib”. It is considered the most beautiful example of neapolitan cribs. Take advantages of it , because from up there you can enjoy a breathtaking view. You can take also some selfies! ☺ 

TOURIST- What a great idea! I’ll definitely go! So i will finally understand well this tradition about Neapolitan cribs.

NEAPOLITAN - Ah, i almost forgot Giuseppe SanMartino… one of the most known sculptors all over the world. And you know why? Because he realised the famous “Veiled Christ” and he also founded a real classroom dedicated to the artists of Neapolitan cribs.

TOURIST- The veiled Christ? And, what is this? 

NEAPOLITAN - All right… this is another story, that i’ll tell about later. You first come here, then go to San Gregorio Armeno, you should meet Benito, Stefania, the harlot and the Magi… 

TOURIST- And who are they? Ok, I understand, I am asking too much! I just have to book the trip to Naples.

NEAPOLITAN - Right! We are waiting for you.

Ornella Donatellis