July 10, 2018 / Travel Tips

Travelling benefits

In our everyday dictionary the word wellness is in the list of the terms we usually use in a conversation. This word have different meanings to every cultures, but, according to the definition given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) it is considered as the health state and the physical, mental and social force. However, besides the shared parameters used to evaluate the physical or social state of an individual, what is really relevant for our physical wellness is the subjective evaluation we have when we think back to our life, comparing it in different occasions or with the life we imagine the other individuals have. Enjoying a satisfying holiday tasting new and savoury meals; rediscovering, while travelling, the luxuriant nature; exploring historical places proves to be more tempting experiences than being stuck in the urban traffic or queueing up at the till. Furthermore, they can be considered among those circumstances which can contribute to improve our wellness. Living pleasant experiences like these provides new incentives to the stressing elements which are parts of our everyday life. We get involved in unconventional situations, which need different abilities to solve accidents through the creative streets of the psyche. Besides dedicating to our own interest’s care allow the development of a positive image of ourself, and it make us able to chase targets with more determination giving a sense to the existence.

Travelling gives us the possibility to satisfy our curiosity and our discovery’s desire, the same desire that has been handed down through the ages, in which exploring new lands meant overcoming cultural and geographical barriers, and recovering the great personal resources that every individual has got. 

Claudia Felline