August 16, 2018 / Fashion

Walking with elegance

It is said that a woman falls in love seven times in her life, six of them she falls in love with shoes! 

Only six times? IMPOSSIBLE!

Recognised and beloved, a good combination between quality and beauty, the “Capri’s sandal” has had always a way to a woman’s heart, and not only to a woman’s.

Then, where is it born?

Initially, it was just used to safeguard foot from bad weather and from the risk of injuries. The first sandal dates back to Egyptian times, since we can find it sculpted on the “Narmer Palette” (3000 a.C.)

However, the story of the “Capri’s sandals” starts with the Ancient Romans, or, more precisely, with the emperor Tiberius, who, on the island of Capri, used to wear sandals with a firm sole and leather bands tied around his ankle.

Since then, the apotheosis of creativity starts: the island’s artisans start creating unique styles and designs, always harking back to the initial pattern. 

When, in the 40s, Vogue America’s manager, Diana Vreeland came to region of Campania, visiting Pompeii ruins she was enchanted by a mural painting which represented a slave woman wearing sandals. After Pompeii, she went to Capri and she found artisans at work, creating different types of sandals. 

That “item with an unique elegance” became famous soon all over the world and on the island every woman became used to wear a pair of sandals. 

Nowadays, that pair of Sandal , imitated and loved, made by many leather layers sewn together with leather laces or adorned with some decorations has become a “Must have”. There is no street, city or place along the coast which has not a workshop and a passionate artisan who can make a pair of sandals made up for you. 

MelRose Staff addressed to Siniscalchi, brand which represents the history of Sorrento, who with his incomparable ability has made for us an magnificent pair of sandals.

And now, fasten your bands and… start walking!