May 17, 2019 / Food

A sunny day and… a pasta frittata!

There is no self-respecting trip or day at the beach without a Spaghetti frittata! 

Born as a “recycling meal”, today it is a dish well-established in the Neapolitan culinary tradition. In the popular tradition of the early twentieth century, families used to have pasta for lunch or dinner. At that time, pasta was one of the most easily accessible meal for its affordable price, and together with preserved tomatoes represented the typical dish of a family.

The leftover pasta, to avoid wastefulness, was stored for the following day, when it was fried (severely fried) in a pan together with eggs. This way of cooking gives to the frittata a crunchy crust outside and a soft and wet mixture inside. Nowadays, the frittata is a fast food and it is stuffed with cheese and cold cuts at choice. 

Sunny days are coming, so what about to try cooking a frittata that will make your trip more delicious.

Of the series… “Fried and eaten”

Valentina Gargiulo