February 5, 2019 / Events

Balance and wellness

Here I am, again!

It is not a coincidence that I've decided to wreite you down these lines about two month after Christmas Holidays. I just want to send you a carefree message after all the hundreds of text messages, WhatsApp messages and emails which have blocked up your mobile phones before and after Christmas time. 

I wished over and over to find some time to remember that day of June at MelRose Relais with my beautiful colleagues: all spokeswomen of Pilates, not a simple gymnastics but a choice of life based on body and soul wellness. 

We all are in pursuit of balance and we invest a lot of energy in seeking it. 

My pilates is an instrument, one more chance to be at the best of our ability; it frees us from the useless ambitions of seeking and emulating bodies which aren't ours, letting us falling in love with our everyday routine as a possibility of a continuous improvement. 

In everyday life it is good to be busy, to work for a target, it is the most gratifying thing that a human being can do. Everyday I work hard to get this message to all the people I know; everybody is so amazed to be able to do it and, for those who forgot it, I have the duty to remind it. 

Everyone will be surprised by himself.

Nature with its immense beauty forces ourselves to take a break from us, a productive break since it gives us a new nourishment to restart. 

This was the atmosphere at MelRose that day of June: we had a lesson on the grass and I can guaratee you that, looking up to that blue sky and smelling the aroma of Massa Lubrense's citruses, the diaphragmatic respiration came out naturally. There was music with its noble evoking power, there was the smell of the sea mixing up with the powerful smell of mint and lemons, there was the call to feel good... with the promise to take it home. 

And, actually, that sensation of beauty really invaded my house for days. 

I hope I can come back to the Relais to hug Melania and her Mother again, women with a huge energy, great beauty and intelligence. 

I hope to inform you soon about the next appointment at the Relais to get you my renovated energies!


Daniela Sannino