July 30, 2018 / Food


According to Greeks there are 8 types of it, according to psychologists there are 13, according to other academics there are only 7 types… however, among these numbers, today we remember just one: the love who takes care of the other.

It brings back thousands of memories, where, always related to our homeland’s traditions, we share with you a gesture filled with love: to have a snack at our grandparents’ house.

In the naturalness of a life, still scanned more by sun’s rhythms, than by clocks and deadlines, bread and olive oil never lacked!

Bread, wood-oven bread, wholemeal flour and with wild fennel bread, bread made by expert hands and strong arms, “never wasted” bread… and oil, used with abundance but with parsimony, treasure and winter supply, result of an harvest which requires hard work and patience, selecting olive after olive by hand.

We keep these memories in our hearts and every time we try to recover those moments and how can we couldn’t share them with all of you!

Who has never had this snack after all? And, most of all, who would like to coming back to those times?

Valentina Gargiulo