June 1, 2018 / Food

Eggplant Parmesan

When with a little bit of love and manually, three simple ingredients: eggplants,  provola and tomato, become the perfect apotheosis of the parthenopean taste, borns  the PARMIGGIANA.

The grammatical error is desired, the extra “g” is for amplify the goodness of the same. 

Every grandmother or mum has her own recipe and procedure, but one is the  inescapable rule: the eggplants have to be fried.

This is the secret, a simple secret but fundamental to complete the real parmigiana.

The fried slices, cold and drained by the excess oil, keep inside a stringy provola, glazed by a fresh tomatoes sauce, a couple of basil leafs accompanied by a little bit of Parmigiano Reggiano, why not, the eggplants reach the oven. 

A couple of minute to compact everything and it’s done! 

Taste them “à solo” (alone), as side dish or in a piece of braid ready to go to the beach.

Good Parmiggiana to everybody.

Valentina Gargiulo