July 5, 2018 / Food, Local Products


In this heat one of the dishes that I prefer most is the caprese: fresh, tasty and light! The caprese is a salad of fior di latte or buffalo mozzarella with raw tomato, seasoned with oil and basil, a very famous dish from Campania.

But what makes this dish really special? Tomato!

Among the many variations, the most famous and appreciated  one is the ox heart tomato, so called because its round shape is reminiscent of a heart. It has a fleshy and compact pulp with a sweet and delicate flavour. According to some, this variety would have arrived in our area through the commerce of the beginning of the century with America, when in exporting lemons, the traders would have bought the seed; the Mediterranean climate would then have favoured its cultivation. Much used in slimming diets not only for its low caloric content (in fact, a tomato brings about 32 kcal to our body) but, especially when eaten raw, it favours the body's digestive capacity.

From the point of view of the composition is rich in interesting substances: it contains glucose and fructose, responsible for its sweet taste, but also citric acid, malic, arabic acid and lactic acid. Its juice is thirst-quenching and has astringent and diuretic properties; it is rich in vitamins, minerals and lycopene, an antioxidant that not only protects from exposure to UV rays but also has the ability to slow down the development of cancer cells. To have a protective action against cancer, tomatoes should be cooked in oil and proposed as a condiment for pasta: cooking by breaking the chemical bonds of substances, allows the release of a greater amount of lycopene that can be used optimally from organism only in the presence of a medium such as oil, capable of improving its absorption. Tomato is a food very indicated in the organic and functional disorders of the liver, here it is necessary to distinguish between raw and cooked tomatoes: the raw one, due to its high degree of acidity and its vitamin C content, exerts a toning effect on the liver, while the cooked one has a powerful draining effect.

Tomatoes are very versatile, in fact there are many recipes that see them as protagonists, all 'salad, stuffed, as a condiment ... but who says that you have to limit their use in the kitchen?

In fact, they are an excellent natural beauty remedy!

A refreshing and invigorating treatment particularly suitable for use during the summer, consists of gently rubbing a slice of tomato on cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Afterwards you will simply have to rinse your face well with lukewarm water. The juice and the tomato pulp in contact with the skin will perform an astringent and illuminating function; a purifying facial skin mask can be prepared by blending the pulp of a tomato with a ripe cucumber. Leaving it to act for 30 minutes, the mask will have a purifying and astringent effect on the skin, proving to be particularly suitable if the latter is mixed. 

Let’s go guys, you will be beautiful and fit for the summer!

Teresa Di Lauro