May 12, 2018 / Food, Local Products

Limoncello of Sorrento

Even if we don’t exactly know where the recipe comes from, as there are a lot of stories linked to it, Limoncello is still one of the most loved liquor in Sorrento’s Peninsula. 

Sorrento’s Peninsula, better known as “Sirens’s Land”, begins from the Gulf of Naples till the well-known Island of Capri.

Thanks to the Mediterranean and moderated climate and its fertile of volcanic origin soil, it is the  perfect ”cradle” for the growth of the             “ Ovale di Sorrento” or “Limone Massese” (Lemon’s trees). 

What makes  this lemon so special?

His oval shape, medium-large dimensions (weight usually about 85gr), a really scented peel, rich of essential oils, of average thickness and a bright citrine yellow color; a succulent and of a straw yellow color pulp; a juice extremely rich of vitamin C. 

Anyway is the the hard work and patience behind it that rewarded our lemon as “I.G.P”(indication of a geographical and protected area), and also because although the agricultural development, this tradition still follow the ancient methods. 

Trees are planted under wood structure,  usually of chestnut wood, and covered with  straw (in Neapolitan “pagliarelle”) to protect trees from cold and wind during winter. 

Lemons are hand-picked, as our friend Mario told us ,one by one,  and only when they are completely  mature.

Which is the origin of Limoncello?

Someone says it was invented by the Carthusian Monks, other by fishermen and others by Massa’s Matrons that used to  offer it to their guests. 

We don’t know the absolute  truth , it doesn’t really matter, when the recipe is nowadays the same as ever, and it has conquered markets all over  the world!

Peels are setted in alcohol for 30 days, after adding the syrup, made of water and sugar, the mixture rests in infusion for  other 40 days. 

This has to be filtered into a glass bottle and stored in a cold  place. 

Easy  steps, much waiting but  a unique result!

With the help of Giacomo and Maria we made our own Limoncello and  bottled it.

So as Massa’s Matrons, we want to share it with You!

Because if life gives you lemons, make limoncello! 

MelRose Staff thanks Giacomo and Maria.