July 19, 2018 / Food, Travel Tips

“Nerano“ Spaghetto and its secrets

On the trail of “good meals and where to find them“ we take you to Marina del Cantone to taste the famous “Nerano spaghetto“! 

Nothing more basic than this, nothing better than it, in a warm summer evening, next to the sea, cradled by the waves’ noise, drinking a glass of white wine.

Probably, it was just this amazing view, provided by the beautiful landscapes that our place offers, to give inspiration to MARIAGRAZIA (founder of the homonym restaurant) for her spaghetto.

We tried to figure out the secret, after revealed to us by a MelRose beloved friend: Massimiliano De Simone.


The secret is in making it “SCIULIARE“ and not making it “AZZECCARE”!

Now, you are probably wondering… What does it mean?

Be patient and keep reading…

The first thing to do is to cook zucchini, which have to be fried, very very fried. The next step is to make an extremely dense cream that will thicken spaghetti all together. 

At this point, we’ve asked to our friend Massimo: “How can we do that?“

“IT IS VERY EASY!“, he answered. You should just drain spaghetti al dente and then mix them in a bain marie with butter, zucchini and Parmesan.

Only in this way, and adding a little bit of boiled water, you can avoid “the sticky effect“and blend everything together in the best way possible!

And now?

Now the only thing to do is to start cooking and try!

P.S. Don’t forget to send us photos of your “Nerano“ Spaghetto and post them with the hashtag #melroselifestyle.

We are really curious about that!

Valentina Gargiulo