May 16, 2018 / Fashion, Trends

Traveling in style? With the baby carrier you can!

The accessory icon of the years 80/90 returns: The modern version of the "waist bag" is trendy in its practicality.

How many times have you ever had to make a trip but not know which bag to bring to be comfortable, but at the same time fashion? Too many times to count them, right? This year, however, things have changed. Considered for a long time out of fashion and reserved for men only, the carrier began to limestone the catwalks of the past seasons and, in a viral way, began to spread, season after season, from one parade to another, ending up being then Crowned as "the most comfortable itbag of 2018." I was completely abducted and for my last trip to Prague I wanted to buy one from the texture laminated in silver and I must say that has changed in a decisive and incisive look.

Between practicality and comfort the style is also wide, and the bag to bring to life is no longer just the prerogative of casual and sporty wardrobe, but it adapts and combines with different genres. The stylists propose it in always bright colors to match in nuances contrasting with the look.

This accessory is a must have that you can not miss in our wardrobe, and if you are still not convinced you know that there are 3 reasons why you must have it:

1) is versatile: widening or tightening the belt, the baby carrier can be brought to life, to the shoulder or as a cross.

2) is not a sporty prerogative: the minimal version of leather or suede can break as stylistically as visually even the most rigorous look, such as a suit or evening gown.

3) its simplicity and stylistic lightness allows to have a freedom in movements that knows no equal in the history of the bag... Nothing but handles and chains!

Hands up, surrender to the new trend: The carrier does not escape!!!

Travel with style? With the baby carrier you can!

Roberta Sabatelli